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609 m2


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53 255 m2



Exceptionally beautiful manor-like building on the Säkylä Pyhäjärvi shore now for sale!

Sepäntie 7, 27500 Eura

Country home | 10h, k, tarjoiluhuone, aula x 2, 2 kph, 3 wc, s, saunatupa, ulkosauna, sivu.rak


When reaching the courtyard of Villa Ahlström, the visitor feels as if they are moving into an old movie, where one of Finland’s most beautiful buildings from the beginning of the 20th century is the scene of the events. This atmosphere continues from the garden-like courtyard into the building, whose spaces, one after the other, make visitors stop and be enchanted by the views of the garden and the lake, the charming details of the rooms and at the same time the coziness and functionality of the spaces designed for one family. Villa Ahlström was built in 1911 as a home for the family of Bertel Ahlström, the director of Kauttuan Ruukki at the time, including the servants’ quarters.

The unique valuable building is part of the still living mill milieu – a stone’s throw away from the building is, for example, hotel and restaurant Kauttuan Ruukinkartano with services. The area is impressive, and it enchants its visitors with its old beauty, environment, and wealth of activities, with Villa Ahlström being the crown jewel of the area. The main building was designed by architect Jarl Eklund – the style combines features of late Art Nouveau and classicism, forming a harmonious entity with fine details. The surrounding park with its plants emphasizes the beautiful lake view in its current form. Well-maintained parks and gardens are still typical of this mill milieu, where Alvar Aalto’s handprint is also strongly visible in the area’s architecture, tourist attractions and layout.

The building’s courtyard is beautiful, but the eye inevitably drifts to the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi in Säkylä, where the visitor encounters a different world next to the log and turf-roofed sauna and the large pier and sandy beach. The atmospheric log sauna of the 1940s, designed by an architect, which can accommodate several sauna guests, and the lake with clear water and fish, provide the opportunity for leisurely relaxation.

Villa Ahlström has been elegantly renovated over time, preserving its special features. In the 2000s, the building was extensively renovated on the outside; the roof, facades and hidden drains have all been renewed. The building has been in use the whole time, and it serves perfectly as a seconday home, year-round residence or as a business. Inside, the interior materials, plumbing, and the fixed fittings of the premises will most likely require updates depending of a new owner and the future purpose of use.

If you feel that you would like to be a part of the story of this historical manor milieu in the future, then please be in touch! Only private showings are organized for this listing, so please contact the agent for more information and to arrange a showing.

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Tea Käyhkö

Senior Broker, BA, MA, LKV

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1 190 000 €    1 954,02 €/m2


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3346 €/year

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1 000 €/year

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Villa Ahlström

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53 255 m2



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