Professionalism and perseverance

For all of us, there is the right home, where a feeling of peace, tranquility and well-being takes over your heart at first glance.

The feeling when you see from the eyes and from the body language of your client that the object fulfills the wishes and needs, and from there we proceed without pressure, with a feeling of security until the exchange of binding contracts, gives me enormous strength to work as a broker without counting hours and constantly developing my professionalism. Conveying emotional perspectives of listings thru pictures and text, along with the information, are the most important aspects in finding that right new buyer. Situational awareness, knowledge of people and a positive attitude are my qualities that make the sales process pleasant for all parties, both the seller and the buyer.

Tea serves you on weekdays 10:00 – 17:00 as well as other times by appointment.

I broker the following listings


Braskiksenkuja 6,
06100 Porvoo

159 m2

The journey to this charming house on the western slope goes through the cobbled roads of Porvoo's o...

1 140 000 €



Rantatie 100,
04310 Tuusula

319 m2

The old cultural landscape of Tuusula Rantatie cannot be praised enough. This landscape has already ...

1 980 000 €


Country home

Juhannuskalliontie 21 E,
93830 Kuusamo

227 m2

The majestic beauty of Rukatunturi, wilderness landscapes as far as the eye can see, and timelessly ...

2 249 000 €


Apartment building

Korkeavuorenkatu 21 C,
00130 Helsinki

44 m2

This beautiful home is in perhaps one of Helsinki's most beautiful neighborhoods. The atmosphere of ...

698 000 €


Apartment building

Neitsytpolku 2 aA,
00140 Helsinki

214 m2

Apartments in this iconic over 120-year-old housing company in Ullanlinna are very rarely for sale. ...

4 280 000 €


Apartment building

Mellstenintie 2 C 13,
02170 Espoo

96 m2

In this housing association, As Oy Mellsteninhelmi, which became ready for occupancy in January, you...

928 500 €



Sepäntie 7,
27500 Eura

609 m2

When reaching the courtyard of Villa Ahlström, the visitor feels as if they are moving into an old ...

1 450 000 €


Country home, Private Island

02480 Kirkkonummi

150 m2

The beauty of the archipelago, the tranquility of your own island and stylish holiday accommodation ...

3 450 000 €


Country home

Juhannuskalliontie 27 E 2,
93825 Kuusamo

571 m2

This four-story ultimate luxury chalet on the top of Ruka is everything you could ever expect from a...

5 250 000 €


Country home

Kemijärventie 223 A,
93830 Kuusamo

98,50 m2

The timeless unique tranquility that only a cabin built of kelohonka (polar pine) logs can provide, ...

1 280 000 €


Country home

Jerisrannantie 20,
99135 Kittilä

135 m2

Have you been looking for a vacation spot that combines the beauty of the wilderness, peace, with yo...

745 000 €


Lot for house

Fokka 3,
00890 Helsinki

0 m2

Have you been looking for a building plot in a quiet and private location by the sea, about half an ...

2 190 000 €



Mustanlahdentie 4 A 11,
02780 Espoo

260 m2

The sturdiness, peace and energy efficiency of a stone house, great space solutions for a family wit...

1 250 000 €


Country home

Jerisrannantie 10,
99135 Kittilä

117,30 m2

The magic of Lapland, the northern lights, nightless nights, history from centuries ago. These, and ...

948 000 €


Country home

Keselmäjärventie 5,
98900 Salla

170 m2

The proximity of the ski center and the ski slopes, the beauty, cleanliness, and peace of the nation...

648 000 €


Country home, House

Grönvikintie 22,
25830 Kemiönsaari

42 m2

A charming archipelago home from the 40s by the sea is looking for new owners!This house, located ...

198 000 €


Country home, House

Sunnanvik 68 B,
02580 Siuntio

65 m2

Whether you are looking for a place for leisure or permanent residence, located in the peace of natu...

335 000 €


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