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We all have different needs and preferences, we discuss and customize according to our customers’ wishes and requirements. Our mission is to make your dream come true.

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For those who demand an elevated service like none other, there’s Sotheby’s International Realty. We’re the industry’s best agents, curating with incomparable attention to style and detail. We’re here for you to help sell your home at a scale you just won’t find anywhere else.

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    A valuable relationship

    Our wish is that cooperation with us always equals a long-term relationship on a personal level. We regard every single one of our customers as unique and valuable, all aspects considered. We all have different needs and preferences, and we discuss and customize according to our customers’ wishes and requirements. Our mission is to make your dream come true.

    Snellman Sotheby’s International Realty Finland is part of one of the most prestigious real estate chains in the world. Membership in Sotheby’s International Realty® equals membership in a global network with excessive expertise, vital contacts, extraordinary sales channels as well as access to the most effective marketing channels available.

    We specialize in luxury and high-end real estate and we provide you the most desirable of homes that the market has to offer. Our experienced team members are always honored to share their expertise with you and we wish to be part of the process from beginning to end. We guarantee you access to the latest marketing channels, the correct customer network, the highest possible price and of course an experience you will fondly remember.

    Our Servicepromise

    We want to support you when you are about to make one of the most important financial decisions of your life and make sure you take the right choice. We guarantee that you get our experienced experts opinion and support throughout the whole process. Our highest wish is that all our customers feel comfortable with us and that cooperation in the future will be a natural decision for every one of our customers. Please do not forget to ask for a service offer.

    Price list

    Assignment: Apartments in the center of Helsinki 2,95 % inc. VAT 24%*
    (00100, 00120, 00130, 00140, 00150, 00160, 00170, 00180)
    Assignment: Apartments 3,72 % inc. VAT 24%*
    Assignment: Properties 4,34 % inc. VAT 24%*
    Assignment: Long-distance and special listings 5,58 % inc. VAT 24%*
    Assignment for rental apartments 1,5 months rent inc. VAT* 24%
    Minimum reward 5750 € inc. VAT 24%*

    *According to agreement.